Application to send Web to SMS marketing and reminder messages

MYSMS | www.mysmsonline.net is a web application providing our users to send marketing messages, text messages to people's mobiles from Internet. This allows you and your business to get the message directly to your customers or client palm. Developed by MYEASYPC Pty Ltd you are backed by an experienced development company. We code and test our applications continually to improve the product usability. MYSMS is easy to use, register free then login.


Sending SMS

You can send to a single mobile without creating a list. Send to any single number internationally by entering the country code.


Sending marketing SMS

Create a list of mobile numbers and send a mass marketing SMS. All messages sent to a list is stored in our database. This allows you refer back to see what messages were sent to which numbers. Send scheduled SMS reminders, good for rental payment reminders. Register, Login and Send.

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